When should you join the club?

Club membership is required of any skater that is currently in our learn to skate classes or currently skates during freestyle time.

What level of membership do I need?

We offer two levels of membership for our skaters:

The Learn to Skate Membership provides a basic learn to skate USA membership (USFS) and ISI membership.  It is for skaters not currently testing in the USFS program.

The Full Membership provides a full USFS membership and an ISI membership.  It is for skaters planning to test during the current season.

What does the membership give you?

The membership allows skaters to participate in our Learn to Skate program, shows, competitions, recitals, and testing, as well as, access to secondary sports accident insurance.  Membership also signs you up to receive Learn to Skate USA Magazine and Recreational Ice Skating Magazine.